Wi-Fi Terms

Welcome to our WIFI terms/guide

As you know Isaacs on the Quay is a friendly place but we do need to put some simple guidelines in to protect you and us when online.  We do reserve the right to alter our WIFI terms as required.

  1. This service is provided at great expense to us and free to you.  If there are problems with it, trust us, we will be doing all we can to fix it.  Things can play up though.
  2. Understand that device issues are not for us or our staff to resolve.  We cannot provide IT support to you if your phone, tablet, laptop or device isn’t working.
  3. Unsecured device – this is your responsibility, if something bad happens to your online profiles or accounts we accept no blame or liability.
  4. You know what you should and shouldn’t be looking at.  If you are watching something illegal, defamatory or simply wrong we reserve the right to refuse service and possibly report it to the authorities.  Please be sensible here.
  5. The more people online the slower it will be, common sense prevails and think of others.
  6. Enjoy the modern wonder of the internet safely.  It can be used for truly great things!
  7. Social media and online offers could expire or be incorrect.  We do our best to keep on top of things and we ask you to respect that occasionally things may be incorrect on our media and internet services.
  8. Feedback – we love constructive feedback on our website.  Let us know what you think kindly and we will look to implement it, add it or change it where possible.

Thank you for choosing Isaacs – we are humbled by your support and passion!