Welcome back to Isaacs

We are happy to welcome you back to Isaacs from 4 July 2020. The safety of our customers and our staff is of the greatest importance, therefore we have introduced a number of important measures to comply with social distancing requirements and other government guidance regarding hygiene. Here is a useful summary of some of the many steps we have taken to keep everybody safe.

We will have a host who will greet customers, explain our safety measures, and ask politely for co-operation with these safety measures. Isaacs will ask customers for basic contact details to support the NHS Test & Trace scheme, this is mandatory. We will ask for the name and number of a responsible person for each group, and we will also note your arrival time. This data will be stored securely and will only be used for the purpose of supporting the NHS. Data will be deleted as soon as the required 21 day period is over.

Customers must not attempt to gain entry to Isaacs if they have good reason to believe they have been exposed to COVID-19 and be a carrier, even if they are not displaying symptoms.

Due to social distancing requirements, customers should refrain from going to the bar, and will be encouraged instead to use our online ordering system. Our staff will happily assist customers who do not have a smartphone or require guidance in using our online ordering system. If customers do not have a smartphone, we will have a limited number of staff who will be able to take orders at tables. Our bar staff will prioritise orders made using the online ordering system, but will also serve customers at the bar if absolutely necessary. For the avoidance of doubt, government guidance is that patrons should order food and drink from a remote location and not congregate at the bar. Please respect our staff who will be working diligently to provide a safe, professional service in new circumstances.

We will only be accepting cashless payment methods.

Tables will be sanitised after they are vacated and before they are used by the next customer.

Trays of food, cutlery and drinks will be brought to the customer’s table and left for the customer to hand out to their group.

All staff in customer-facing roles will wear a facemask or visor.

Hand sanitiser stations are located in clear view throughout the venue, including in the entrance lobby. Customers are kindly asked to wash their hands regularly.

Social distancing signage is located throughout the building. We will operate a one-way system wherever possible. Our seated areas and walkways have been designed in accordance with the government’s guidance on social distancing. Our capacity will be based on the ability to ensure compliance with social distancing requirements. Safety is paramount.

Customers will be asked not to move tables and not to congregate in such a way as to compromise the social distancing requirements of the venue, e.g. around walkways, near entrances, toilets or other customers. If large groups pose a risk to social distancing, staff will assist them in moving into two or more smaller groups. If customers refuse to comply with social distancing requirements and endanger our staff or other patrons, regrettably, they will be asked to leave the venue.

The government have announced that from Monday 14 September, you must not meet with people from other households in groups of more than six persons (with very specific, limited exceptions). To this end, groups must not mix or form groups greater than six.

To allow our staff to focus on making your visit to Isaacs as safe and pleasant as possible, Isaacs kindly requests that customers respect the ‘rule of six’ by not attempting to form larger groups either in the queue or in the venue. Please do not move furniture or otherwise impair the social distancing arrangements we have put in place. Please respect our staff who are required by law to enforce the regulations.

The government have advised that customers should refrain from shouting or other boisterous behaviour which is likely to increase the dispersal of water droplets. Our music and television sound levels will be reduced to ensure people can converse with each other without shouting.

We will ask that parents supervise their children to ensure they practise social distancing.

Dogs are allowed outside and in the Griddle area if properly control and they remain on a lead.

We will continually monitor the cleanliness of the toilet facilities, and we will ensure that all such facilities are open. Each toilet block will have a stated maximum capacity, which will be monitored regularly by staff.

Please note, customers may be required to queue during busy periods. Isaacs will ask customers to observe social distancing and not to obstruct the road or path while queuing. Staff will assist in monitoring the queue, assisted by door staff during our busiest periods.

The above measures are illustrative, but not exhaustive – please ask staff for more information if you have any comments or concerns about our safety measures.